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George Soros buys 8% stake in JC Penney, stocks rise

George Soros bought a nearly eight percent stake in American retail giant JC Penney Thursday.

Dreamliner set to begin to fly in US May 31

United Airlines said that its 787 Dreamliner fleet will take flight once again after a number of problems grounded the revolutionary airplane.

UPS to pay fine for illegal prescription deliveries

UPS said Friday that it will stop deliveries from illegal online pharmacies and pay a $40 million fine to the federal government.

Bitcoin ATM for cash-starved Cyprus?

As the Cypriot economy runs out of cash, one currency is getting a big boost: Bitcoin.

Pepsi redesigns bottle for first time in nearly 20 years

Pepsi is redesigning its 20-ounce bottle for the first time in nearly 20 years the company said this week.

Fake drugs targeted by Interpol

Interpol has announced that it will team up with the pharmaceutical industry to tackle counterfeit prescription drugs.

Pinterest moves toward monetization with analytics

Pinterest has launched an analytics dashboard to help track traffic to the site.

Twinkies to be back on shelves by this summer

Twinkies may be back on store shelves by the summer says the new owner of Hostess.

Norway's oil wealth jumped 13.4% last year in record gain

Norway's oil wealth fund's value jumped 13.4 percent last year.

David Rossi Monte dei Paschi bank media chief found dead

David Rossi, the media spokesman for the embattled Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, was found dead Wednesday.
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