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8 scary (but very real) risks we all face if climate change goes unchecked

Global temperatures just 2 degrees Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels would carry 'considerable' risks, while temperatures 4 degrees higher would bring 'catastrophic' change.

This is what politicians debating global warming will look like soon

Awesome new street art unintentionally shames our leaders into paying attention to climate change.

Watch 6 decades of global warming in 14 seconds, courtesy of NASA

Climate deniers have been having a field day of stupidity since early January's polar vortex, during which their contribution to public discourse was more or less: "It's cold outside my front door and therefore Al Gore is an idiot. Hold on, lemme tweet this: 'Where's all that global warming the liberals keep going on about?'" Enter NASA, which has made just released this 14-second, devastating visualization of global warming over the past six decades. This is what we've done to our home.

Calamity Calling: Weird weather hits America’s breadbasket (VIDEO)

STUART, Neb. — For lifelong rancher Susan Straka, 46, the most potent image of climate change isn’t a melting glacier or the rising sea. It’s a burning cow.

Waterless World: China’s ever-expanding desert wasteland

NAIMAN QI, INNER MONGOLIA, China — Over the last three years, San Qinghai has had to dig four new wells, each one deeper than the last. The village's old stone wells used to go down 30 feet. But the 31-year-old Mongolian farmer and shepherd’s new wells descend 140 feet. Squinting, San pointed to several acres of dry, brittle corn behind his house. He said he lost a third of his crop this year. "The winters have been getting colder, and there hasn't been much rain," he said. "I'm worried that the sandstorms will destroy my crops. It's been getting worse."

How climate change is helping Al Qaeda (VIDEO)

NAIROBI and GAO — To get a better idea of how climate change can worsen conflict in the Sahel, an environmentally fragile zone that stretches across Africa just south of the Sahara desert, GlobalPost spoke with three experts on the topic — and to nomads in Mali who've experienced phenomenon firsthand.

Himalayan tsunami: Climate change triggers deadly floods among the world’s highest peaks

UTTARAKHAND, India — The raging torrent hit in the morning, as Gopal Singh Bhist and his son, a cook and the leader of a pony train, prepared for work. In minutes, the Mandakini river had breached its banks, sending a crushing hammer of water, ice and rock through the Himalayan villages in this north Indian state of Uttarakhand.

A fortune made of sand: How climate change is destroying Cancun...

CANCUN, Mexico — Sipping outsized cocktails and peering at the sparkling turquoise waters, partiers sprawl on deckchairs, recovering from the night before. Cancun’s perfect tropical beach is its principal selling point. Yet the only reason the resort still has a beach is thanks to a $70 million project to replenish it. With climate change intensifying, beaches worldwide face a similar fate.

Lamenting Madagascar's last lonely lemurs (VIDEO)

RANOMAFANA NATIONAL PARK, Madagascar — Deep in the Madagascan rainforest, a lemur and his daughter chatter softly as they climb through towering spires of bamboo. Tiny, furry creatures, with snub noses and tufts of white hair sprouting from their ears, they exchange purr-like noises to keep tabs on each other’s whereabouts. They definitely don’t want to get separated. Scientists say these two are likely the last remaining greater bamboo lemurs in the entire 160 square mile national park.

Calamity Calling: What if we lost the Amazon?

ABOVE THE AMAZON JUNGLE, Peru — Droughts and rising temperatures are damaging the world's largest rainforest. Tropical ecologist Greg Asner has developed a high-tech eye in the sky to map changes to the Amazon. What he's discovering could affect us all.
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