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Kidnapped French priest set free in the Cameroon

A French Catholic priest kidnapped in the Cameroon was released on Monday, after he spent weeks in the custody of Islamic militants in the far north of the country, near the Nigerian border.

Boko Haram paid $3.15 million ransom to free French family of seven (VIDEO)

A confidential Nigerian government report obtained by Reuters said that French and Cameroonian negotiators handed over the money before the hostages were set free.

Cameroon: kidnapped French family released

"We are all very tired but normal life will now resume," Tanguy said in Yaounde today.

French tourists seized by gunmen in northern Cameroon

Seven French tourists have been abducted by what appears to be a terrorist group in northern Cameroon, French president Francoise Hollande said on Feb 19th, all members of a family that includes children.

UNICEF warns that Sahel drought crisis could affect 1.5m children

JOHANNESBURG — As many as 1.5 million young children living in Africa's Sahel region are at risk from severe malnutrition, with little time left to prevent a humanitarian disaster, UNICEF has warned.

Lesbians arrested in Cameroon for homosexual acts

The BBC reported Friday that several women, alleged to be lesbians, had been brought in front of prosecutors in Cameroon for homosexual offences.

Cameroon bans night travel to fight drunk driving

All night-time public transit will be banned in Cameroon in an attempt to curb the high rate of drunk driving accidents on the country's roads.
Cameroon drunk night driving ban 28 06 11Enlarge
Traffic in Cameroon's capital, Yaounde. Cameroon has banned all night-time public transport on roads, including buses and taxis, in an attempt to curb accidents caused by drunk driving. (MARTIN VAN DER BELEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Cameroon is banning all night-time public transit, including buses and taxis, because of the high rate of fatal accidents caused by drunk driving on the country’s bad roads.

"Night traffic represents just about 5 percent of human transport, but represents 35 percent of road accidents," Aoudou Dotel Moussa from Cameroon’s transport ministry told Reuters.

Cameroon has some of Africa's worst roads. Less than 20 percent of the country’s roads are paved, the BBC reports.

About 1,258 people died in road accidents last year, with another 5,000 wounded, according to the transport ministry.

The night travel ban will be in effect between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Many Cameroonians have criticized the ban, including bar and night-club owners who say it will destroy their businesses.

Vegetable hawkers say the decision to halt all inter-city bus service at night will make it impossible for them to get produce to market, because their vegetables will wilt in the extreme midday heat.


Why African countries aren't revolting

Unlike the “Jasmine Revolutions” of North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa has not seen citizen-driven movements overthrowing repressive governments.
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