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Mayor Rob Ford says he has no reason to resign after police find alleged crack video (VIDEOS)

'I have no reason to resign,' Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said after police said they had a video that allegedly shows him smoking crack.

Polar bear attacks Canadian man who escapes using cell phone

A Canadian man was chased down by a hungry baby polar bear.

Sammy Yatim: Toronto police officer charged with murder in controversial shooting (VIDEO)

A Toronto police officer has been charged with second-degree murder in the controversial shooting death of teenager Sammy Yatim.

Baristas unite! Halifax coffee shop workers push to unionize

Coffee shop workers in Halifax, Canada are leading a unique drive to unionize.

Quebec train derailment sets small town ablaze, kills at least three (VIDEO)

The small town of Lac-Megantic, in the Canadian province of Quebec, was seriously damaged Saturday after an explosion from a train derailment.

20 tourists rescued after being stranded on ice in Canadian arctic

Twenty tourists have been rescued from an ice floe in the Canadian arctic territory of Nunavut on Wednesday.

Canada Mayor Crisis Spreads: Montreal Mayor In Custody

There's no crack video and it didn't take a flotilla of 50 police vehicles, but this morning Quebec provincial police arrested Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum, according to several Canadian news outlets including CTV.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford calls media "maggots", celebrates his 44th birthday

The Rob Ford crack saga has persisted despite denials from the mayor that he uses crack.

Earthquake with 5.2 magnitude shakes Canada near capital Ottawa

A 5.2 magnitude earthquake shook parts of eastern Canada, including the capital Ottawa Friday.

Canadian police arrest two suspects in alleged bomb plot

Canadian police arrested several suspects Monday after an alleged terrorist bombing plot.
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