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Even some of the proudest Catalans worry that splitting from Spain is a bad idea

BARCELONA — It's easy to view Catalonia's independence debate in black and white. In one camp, Catalan nationalists are fighting for the freedom of a region with a distinct language and culture. Against them stand Spanish nationalists determined to resist their country's break-up. The reality is more complex.

Catalans form human chain for independence

BARCELONA — People in Catalonia are gathering today to form 250-mile human chain across this Spanish region in the latest push to form an independent state. At least 400,000 people are expected to take part on Catalonia's national day.

Markets should fear Catalonia nationalism

The results of elections in Catalonia, potentially a break-away state from Spain, seemed to assuage market concerns about the region on Monday. Spain’s IBEX declined just 0.3 percent on Monday, in line with broader European benchmarks. Yet this market confidence may be misplaced. While the Convergència i Unió (CiU) party which has become the best-known cheerleader for a referendum on whether Catalonia should stay as part of Spain lost some of its voters, they have been deserted for more extreme parties like the Esquerra Republicana. Close to two-thirds of the votes cast were for parties which want a referendum on Catalan independence.
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