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Turkey's latest enemy of the state: Cats

First they came for Twitter. Then they came for YouTube. Now, the definitive proof that Turkey's government hates the internet: it's started hating on cats. 

9 cats really, really not enjoying Colombia's International Feline Fair

Who doesn't love cat fairs? Cats, that's who. To judge by the pictures we've seen of last weekend's International Feline Fair in Medellin, Colombia, the competitors could each think of a million ways they'd rather be spending their Sunday.

Iran mulls sending Persian cat to space

Iran is under new leadership, and new plans are afoot: including a scheme to send a Persian cat into space as practice for the national goal of sending humans into orbit by 2018.

Cat survives being shot through with an arrow

A lucky New York cat is expected to make a full recovery after being shot through with an arrow, as authorities investigate who commited this act of severe animal cruelty.

Best cat photo of 2012, guaranteed

Move over, Grumpy Cat. Meet Boris.

We see a lot of cat photos from around the world at GlobalPost.

We are, after all, an international news organization that does its thing on the internet.

But in all of our global web searching, even we have never seen something quite like Boris.

Yes, he's real.

Yes, he has one eye.

Yes, he's shaved.

And, yes, he's as ornery as he looks.

Move over, Grumpy Cat. Meet Boris.


And enjoy.

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