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Hollande says French troops will deploy to Central African Republic immediately

The UN Security Council authorized French and African troops to use force to protect civilians in the Central African Republic as clashes killed dozens.

France to send more troops as Central African Republic descends into 'complete chaos'

Jan Eliasson has called for urgent action, asking the Security Council to beef up its African Union-led force in the country and to then turn it into a UN peacekeeping operation.

The Central African Republic is ‘on the verge of genocide:’ French Foreign Minister

“It’s total disorder,” Laurent Fabius said. "You have seven surgeons for a population of five million, an infant mortality rate of 25 percent in some areas and 1.5 million people who have nothing, not even food, and armed gangs, bandits, etc.”

The next Somalia? It's bad to worse for the Central African Republic

NAIROBI — United Nations peacekeepers are a step closer to being deployed to the Central African Republic (CAR) as part of international efforts to forestall the country’s total collapse into sectarian violence and anarchy in the wake of a rebel takeover in March this year. The UN and human rights groups say that both the rebels and their opponents have committed abuses including murder, rape, burning of houses, looting and forced displacement.

At least 37 dead in Central African Republic gold mine collapse

"The toll of 37 is provisional as there were many injured," said Prosper Ndouba, spokesman for the president's office, of the incident at a gold mine in Ndassima, about 273 miles east of the capital of Bangui.

US offers $5 million bounty for Joseph Kony, Lord’s Resistance Army leader

“We know that rewards have a proven track record of generating tips that help authorities find fugitives and hold them accountable – just look at the example of criminals and butchers from conflicts in Sierra Leone, the former Yugoslavia, and Rwanda, all brought to justice in part through the use of rewards,” Secretary of State John Kerry wrote in a Huffington Post blog post announcing the bounties.

South Africa seethes over deaths of soldiers

JOHANNESBURG — No one seems to know exactly why 200 South African soldiers were fighting in the Central African Republic, which has been overrun by a rebellion.

Central African Republic: Upheaval in the 'phantom state'

NAIROBI — President Francois Bozize’s decade-long mismanagement of the Central African Republic came to an abrupt end on Sunday with him fleeing the country as rebels marched into the capital Bangui and took control of the riverside city.
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