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Cloud computing in China: On the verge

HONG KONG — For years, China has lagged while the rest of the world raced to embrace cloud computing. Wasteful investments, hodgepodge standards, and a regulatory regime hostile to foreign players have hindered widespread adoption of the technology, which in America now powers everything from Google Drive to iTunes and DropBox. But this year, things have finally started to change.

In China, the confession will be televised. In fact, it already is

HONG KONG — During the traumatic days of China’s Cultural Revolution, public confessions were a favorite tactic for eliminating political enemies. After all, the Maoist wisdom ran, why bother with a trial when a coerced confession is so much more reliable and efficient? Lately, that logic seems to have made an unfortunate comeback.

Tiananmen terror: Will China fall for the jihad trap?

HONG KONG — On Monday, Beijing joined a list of illustrious world capitals with an unenviable distinction. Like Washington, London, and Madrid before it, the city was hit by a 21st-century terrorist attack. An SUV carrying three people, allegedly from China's far-western region of Xinjiang plowed into tourists at Tiananmen Square and burst into flames, killing five. But serious as the attack was, experts say that the worst mistake Beijing could make would be to overreact.

Typhoon Usagi hits southern China with rain, fierce winds

The super typhoon Usagi hit southern China on Sunday, just missing the island of Hong Kong.

Bo Xilai corruption trial of the century set to begin

The trial of the once-powerful Chinese politician Bo Xilai is set to begin Thursday.

Last year’s model: China’s superman economy is mortal after all

The BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — have all faced drops in growth, sometimes radical ones.

Chinese policymakers are being sent to a Mao bootcamp where they're being re-educated with communist party ideals

After the Chinese leadership handover one of the biggest debates among China watchers was whether the new make-up of the Communist Party would be more open to political and economic reform.

Beijing airport bomb blast by paralyzed protestor in wheelchair

Photos posted on China's version of Twitter, called Weibo, showed the man waving a white package in the air before the blast, which was heard at 6:24 p.m. local time.

China’s slowdown: Good news for India's economy?

China's red hot economy is cooling off.  That leads to the question, can India pick up the slack?
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