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China's Greatest Strength Could Become Its Weakness

Who's afraid of China? Everyone apparently. As China's economic might grows, trading partners from Europe to Asia to the US are crying foul, some louder than others.

Yuan surge shows China isn't worried about economy

A record high yuan has raised some eyebrows in the financial markets, as investors weigh the negative impact the strong currency would have on the Chinese economy, which lately seems to be hitting some road bumps in its recovery.

China just went through a 'lost decade': Entrepreneurs

After Japan's "lost decade" and worries that Europe could suffer one too, you might be surprised to hear that some Chinese entrepreneurs are suggesting that China has just come out of its own "lost decade." Especially surprising given that China has been the world's fastest growing economy since 2001, excluding countries with populations under 10 million.

New study finds China manufacturing costs rising to US level

China is no longer a slam dunk for manufacturers looking for the lowest cost for operations.

Are anti-corruption campaigns causing China's economy to slow?

HONG KONG — China's economy delivered a surprise this week, posting a first-quarter GDP growth rate of  7.7 percent year over year. That's lower than economists were expecting, and it underscores the fragility of China's economic recovery from the doldrums of 2012. While many analysts point to weak industrial production as a cause of the slowdown, some observers have an intriguing theory about what may be exacerbating China's economic woe: the anti-corruption campaigns of president Xi Jinping.

Can China turn 'economy on steroids' into real growth?

How will China's recovery change its stature on the global economic stage?

Meet the top 11 wealthiest people in China

Despite a slowing economy, China's richest business figures have retained their immense wealth after years of explosive growth.

Why China's manufacturing report was 'plainly awful'

After climbing to a five-month high in July, China's HSBC Flash PMI fell to 47.5 in August. And a look at the sub-indices didn't offer any rays of hope either.

Why the Chinese market just tumbled to a new post-crisis low

Stocks were hit after home prices continued to climb despite Beijing's promises to maintain a 'firm grip' on real estate.

Beijing's largest real-estate developer explains what's going on in the Chinese real estate market

SOHO China Ltd., Beijing's largest real-estate developer, reported a 65 percent decline in first half net profits, because of it completed fewer projects than expected, which caused its stock to tumble nearly 5.5 percent.
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