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Beijing firm that guarantees 3 billion Yuan worth of loans is on the verge of collapse

When investors talk of a Chinese hard-landing they're referring to either four consecutive quarters of below 5 percent GDP growth, or, as China expert Patrick Chovanec points out a financial crisis. And as loan guarantee company Zhongdan Investment Credit Guarantee Co. that has over 3 billion yuan in loan guarantee contracts stands on the brink of bankruptcy according to Caixin Online, concerns about a financial crisis are beginning to surface too.

China is 62 percent of the way towards restoring its former glory

Last week Yang Yiyong, the Director of the Macroeconomics Institute of China’ National Development and Reform Commission, gave a presentation the revealed China was at least 62 percent of the way to restoring former glories and becoming the world's most important power.

Is China’s miracle economy crumbling?

China is changing. For the past decades, the country has largely been defined by surging economic growth — which has transformed its landscape, pulled hundreds of millions from poverty and changed its culture. That growth is now declining. 

The many faces of the Chinese labor force

HONG KONG — The usual way to tell China’s incredible economic story is with big, brash numbers. 1.3 billion people! 4 trillion yuan spent on stimulus! 14.5 million cars sold! 3.25 billion tons of coal mined! 10 percent average GDP growth for three straight decades! But as that story has started to change, those numbers have become murkier. One thing is, clear, however. The story of straightforward growth no longer seems so simple.

In-depth series: The changing face of Chinese labor

China is changing. Its economy is slowing. Wages are rising. The endless labor supply has reached its limit. It’s normal for economies to ebb and flow, but a more fundamental shift is emerging. This series explores that trend and the people for whom it's a daily reality.

Beijing's Olympic stadiums are wasting away

We may have to add China to the list of Olympic hosts that got a raw deal.

China: where stopping hijackers gets you paid

The Chinese airline staff who apparently beat to death two suspected hijackers in China's Xinjiang province have been handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

China's housing market correction is "sending shock waves through its economy'

Chinese policymakers have for a while been trying to deflate the nation's property bubble. While its housing market has been correcting, and prices are deflating at a moderate speed, it hasn't bottomed yet, according to Societe Generale analyst Wei Yao.

Business Insider: Chinese company to build world's tallest building in 90 days

Broad Sustainable Building, a Chinese construction company, says it will build the world's new tallest building — the so-called Sky City in Changsha, the provincial capital of Hunan Province — in just 90 days.

China vows support for emerging industries to boost growth

The Chinese cabinet agreed Wednesday to support seven emerging industries that it considers strategic.
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