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In China, too many retweets could land you in prison

HONG KONG — The consequences for mouthing off on social media just got a lot harsher in the People’s Republic of China.

Chinese bosses lament 'spoiled workers'

DONGGUAN, China — One issue has been vexing manufacturers across southern China, the country’s industrial heartland: the rising cost of labor. As factories have moved inland, away from the coastal areas, and China’s working-age population has begun to decline, manufacturers around southern China have had to offer higher salaries and better amenities to keep their workers.  

China PMI slump will test authorities' resolve

Further weakness in China's vast manufacturing sector, which has exacerbated concerns over the health of the world's second biggest economy, will make it harder for the government to resist calls to ease its policy stance, economists tell CNBC.

Apple factory in Foxconn City inspected by Fair Labor Association

A 2009 GlobalPost investigation found that human rights abuses are common at factories where Apple products are made.
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