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Dissident Chen Guangcheng says China pressured NYU to force him out

Last year, Guangcheng escaped house arrest and fled to the American Embassy in Beijing, sparking a diplomatic crisis between China and US.

Chen Kegui: So much for progress in China

HONG KONG — It's been a dismal month for the rule of law in China. On Friday, Chen Kegui, the nephew of blind activist Chen Guangcheng, was summarily tried, convicted, and sentenced to three years and three months in prison for fighting with local officials the night after his uncle's escape. Nobody in his family was informed of the trial until shortly before it began. Legal observers say it all bodes poorly for hopes of legal reform under the new regime in Beijing.  

China human rights: from bad to worse

The famous blind lawyer, Chen Guangcheng, has escaped house arrest. The fight for rights in China rages on.
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In 2007 Chinese human rights activists Chen Guangcheng (in portrait, while jailed) was the recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay award for outstanding public service. (Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)
Today, Chen Guangcheng, the famous blind activist lawyer, somehow managed to evade nearly 100 guards at eight different checkpoints and flee from his home in the Shandong village of Dongshigu, where he had been under house arrest for the last 18 months. According to media reports, it appears that he is safe at the US Embassy in Beijing. The video he made demanding that Prime Minister Wen Jiabao end the violence against his family continues to circulate the web. It is an inspiring tale that is likely to bolster the Chinese dissident community at time when the country is reeling from its highest-profile scandal in decades, the spectacular demise of former Chongqing Party boss Bo Xilai. But what now? China's track record when it comes to dissident activity has gone from bad to worse in recent years, and already there are signs that while Chen may be safe, those close to him may pay a price.
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