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China arrests dozens of citizens seeking to uphold their constitution

HONG KONG — Since President Xi Jinping took power late last year, he has paid frequent lip service to the idea that China must “firmly establish” the rule of law and uphold its constitution. (Yes, China has a constitution.) So why has China begun a crackdown on activists who are calling for the very same things?

Average Chinese are awash in consumer bliss

“My personal experience shows the change in China has been incredibly quick. My generation is the first real middle class. My friends and I have good education, stable jobs, and our income has increased.”

China's Party hangs on to status quo

HONG KONG — “This is the Brezhnevization of the Party,” says David Zweig, a China politics expert at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. “Instead of having guts and stepping forward with reform, they’re going to try and hold on.”
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