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Foxconn's woes haven't hurt the bottom line

TAIPEI — Mammoth Taiwanese contract electronics maker Foxconn is at it again. This time, over 2,000 workers rioted in one of its town-sized plants in Taiyuan, the capital of northern pollution-soaked Shanxi province. Chinese media reported the riot occurred Sunday evening after Foxconn security guards savagely beat one of the factory’s workers. The beating sparked an angry response from a section of the 79,000-plus employees the Taipei-based company hires to churn out parts for Apple’s new iPhone 5, along with other products for Dell, Nintendo and Nokia.

From Taiwan to China: Workforce ventures across the Strait

TAIPEI — You would think that Beijing might be a little grateful for Taiwan’s role in shaping China’s economic miracle. The island republic is the largest foreign investor and employer in the Middle Kingdom. Its technology, capital and management transfers have done more than any other country to pave China’s road to becoming the world’s second largest economy.
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