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China PMI slump will test authorities' resolve

Further weakness in China's vast manufacturing sector, which has exacerbated concerns over the health of the world's second biggest economy, will make it harder for the government to resist calls to ease its policy stance, economists tell CNBC.

Yes, at some point China will implode

Fitch analyst Charlene Chu has concluded that China's growth is being fueled by a credit bubble that is unlike anything the modern world has ever seen. And when it finally bursts, as debt bubbles always do, China will be looking at a Japan-style depression and deflation.

How China Could Douse Optimism From the Fed

Concerns about a liquidity crunch in the world's second largest economy, reflected by an unsuccessful bond auction last week and a spike in interbank lending rates, threaten to derail financial markets just as the US Federal Reserve is expected to restore some calm this week.

Hot Stock: Inside China's Strategic Pork Reserve

Americans know that the United States keeps a huge petroleum reserve. Other countries store oil or crops. But China takes stockpiling to an entirely different level: It runs a strategic pork reserve.

What Shibor's surge says about Chinese financial system

Chinese interbank rates surged ahead of the three-day Dragon Boat festival next week. The overnight Shibor, or the Shanghai interbank offered rate, surged to 8.29% on June 7, from 5.98% on June 6. The seven-day Shibor rose to 6.66%, from 5.14%.

Chinese teen condemned around the world for Ancient Egypt graffiti

The Internet was in uproar after a blogger posted images of Chinese characters scratched into a Luxor temple fresco, prompting an online manhunt for the offender.

H7N9 bird flu strain cases in China in charts

The map below shows eastern China having the largest outbreak. The second interactive documents the latest H7N9 bird flu reports in the country. #reactionDiv_gig_containerParent { display:none; }

China's bling shoppers choose Asia over Europe

Rich Chinese tourists are now looking to spend their mega bucks closer home, choosing Hong Kong and Singapore over London and New York to get their luxury fix, according to an HSBC report.

Asian manufacturing bounces back in March

Chinese manufacturing picked up speed in March signaling a possible recovery after months of slower growth.
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