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New Zealand: Christchurch Cathedral to be demolished due to earthquake damage

The mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, described the news as "heartbreaking."

Christchurch hit by 2 earthquakes

Monday's earthquakes struck about 90 minutes apart and caused some damage and a few injuries but no casualties.

New Zealand: Domestic violence surges after earthquake

Domestic violence surged by 53 percent after an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, last week, killing more than 100 people and badly damaging much of the city, according to police. "The stress and trauma of Tuesday's earthquake is understandably taking its toll, and the continual aftershocks are exacerbating the tiredness and emotional fatigue," police commander Dave Cliff told AFP.

Essay: From earthquake to sauvignon blanc in New Zealand

A bite of salmon and then the earth shook, leaving chaos in its wake and capable New Zealanders to clean up the mess.

300 still missing in Christchurch quake (UPDATES) (VIDEO)

The New Zealand Prime Minster, John Key, has declared a national state of emergency and authorities have imposed a curfew. Rescue workers pulled 48 bodies from the rubble of collapsed buildings Tuesday night, but more than 300 people remain missing.

New Zealand reels after 6.3-magnitude earthquake devastates Christchurch

Photos show extent of devastation in Christchurch, where at least 70 people died.

65 dead, hundreds trapped after earthquake hits New Zealand (UPDATES) (VIDEO)

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said 65 people had died in the earthquake, and that toll may rise. "We may be witnessing New Zealand's darkest day," he said.
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