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Doha climate talks produce more hot air

DOHA — The latest round of UN climate change talks will probably be remembered as the final resting place of the Kyoto protocol on climate change, done in by financial woes a lack of engagement by the United States. As negotiators grappled with developing a new framework to go into effect by 2020, the talks wound down with no agreement on the key issues of financing and carbon permits, amid an atmosphere of disappointment and acrimony.

COP18: UN climate change talks open in Qatar

The 18th United Nations climate change conference opened today in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The reality of climate change can no longer be ignored

Commentary: US Generals explain why it is a global problem requiring global solutions.
Arctic ice sunEnlarge
The surface of an iceberg lit by the sun as it sets over the Jacobshavn Bay on August 29, 2007 near the town of Ilulissat, Greenland. (Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)
US Generals explain why it is a global problem requiring global solutions.

Here's the mountain of evidence linking climate change to bigger storms

Beyond Hurricane Sandy, researchers warn of extreme weather in next decade.

Peru: Can a metropolis die of thirst?

LIMA — The Santa Rosita kindergarten appears like an oasis of color amid the grays and browns of Huaycan, a grim Lima shantytown sprawling upwards into the dusty Andean foothills. Yet appearances could not be more deceiving. The only water at Santa Rosita is that brought in buckets by the parents of the 30 toddlers, ages 3 to 5, enrolled here. They use it to drink, wash their hands and flush the toilet in the outhouse behind their classroom, a glorified shack with wooden planks for walls and a corrugated metal roof.

Mexico’s drought turns farms to dust

CHIHUAHUA, Mexico — Clouds of dust swirl around the desiccated cattle carcasses scattered across the sun-scorched field. The buzzards have gorged on the corpses, picking out the eyes and ripping their way into the remains through the empty stomachs. Nothing but skin and bone is left. The unprecedented drought that has parched northern Mexico — and stretched into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas — has been as good for these scavengers as it has been calamitous for the region’s ranchers and farmers.

In-Depth Series: Latin America's growing climate threat

From the Rio Grande to Patagonia, climate change has begun to grip Latin America. Some of the damage, such as melting glaciers and rising sea level, can already be seen — but scientists warn there’s worse to come. The toll could be devastating for countries struggling to lift their populations out of poverty. In this series, GlobalPost's Simeon Tegel reports from the climate frontlines.

Latin America’s climate conundrum

LIMA, Peru — From Tierra del Fuego to Tijuana, Latin America is highly vulnerable to climate change, which is expected to trigger a series of natural disasters that could even reverse local victories in the fight against poverty.

Ocean warming caused by greenhouse gases, study finds

Ocean warming is caused by human-made greenhouse gases, says a new US study.
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