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Climate change impact on plants could be underestimated, says new study

Climate change's impact on plants was underestimated by previous investigations, says a new study.

Pollution delayed warming in eastern US in 20th century

Pollution in the eastern United States helped to mitigate climate warming in the region, says a new study.

Climate change causing European mountain plants to move upward

A new study has shown that European mountain plants are moving to higher altitudes as a result of climate change.

Most Americans believe unusual weather due to climate change

A majority of Americans believe that climate change is the cause behind recent unusual weather events.

EPA sets limits on coal plant emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new regulations on Tuesday to curb carbon emissions from new US coal plants.

Ocean acidity speeding up with dangerous consequences, say researchers

Pollution from carbon emissions may be speeding up the acidity of the oceans faster than in the last 300 million years, researchers say.

REDD: The Amazon's carbon cowboys

IQUITOS, Peru — The dark side of the Amazon's carbon-credit market.

REDD: Saving the Amazon rainforest

LIMA — Currently, some 20 percent of all greenhouse-gas emissions come from deforestation — more than from global transport.

REDD: When carbon credits work in the Amazon

PUERTO MALDONADO, Peru — This is what tropical deforestation looks like on the ground.

Winter packs wallop in Asia, Europe

The risk of avalanche is extreme as more snow is forecast in the coming days.
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