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That coffee you are drinking might not be so fair trade after all

LIMA — Are you paying a fair price for your latte every morning? More than fair, you might think. But try telling that to the farmers in Latin America who grow most of the world’s premium java and, in many cases, are not even making ends meet. Rock-bottom prices for coffee beans — below cost for many of the region’s growers — and a crushing outbreak of coffee leaf rust, a fungus that slashes harvests, are making their lives a misery.

George Clooney wants you to drink this coffee

NAIROBI — The Hollywood star says the coffee industry could be 'game-changing' for South Sudan. He might be right. As the massive global industry wakes up to South Sudan’s untapped potential resource, purveyors of joe from Texas to Switzerland are turning an eye toward the newly independent country.

Colombia: Has the Coffee Revolution begun?

BOGOTA — Colombian coffee growers across much of the country fought with anti-riot police, blocked roads and demanded government aid Tuesday on the second day of a work stoppage to call attention to the critical situation facing Colombia’s coffee industry.

Starbucks ends use of red dye from lady bugs to color drinks

Starbucks said Thursday that it will stop using a red dye in its drinks and pastries that is derived from crushed insects.

Sex, coffee and nose blowing can "trigger a stroke," researchers say

Researchers found eight everyday risk factors that raise blood pressure and are linked to bleeding on the brain, according to a study published in the journal Stroke.
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