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Red Cross trying to broker ceasefire in Syria

The ICRC is reportedly seeking a two-hour cessation of hostilities in several hotspots, including Homs, an opposition stronghold that has been under constant fire for weeks from government forces.

Afghanistan: Car bomb attack kills seven in Kandahar

The explosives were reportedly hidden in parked vehicle and detonated remotely. Windows in nearby buildings were shattered in the blast.  

UK Foreign Minister William Hague arrives in Somalia

Hague’s arrival in the capital, Mogadishu, marks the start of an intensive diplomatic push to bring stability to a country he has described as “the world’s most failed state.” 

Syria rejects Arab League plan for Assad to hand over power

Syrian state TV quoted an unnamed government official as saying that “Syria rejects the decisions taken which are outside an Arab working plan, and considers them an attack on its national sovereignty and a flagrant interference in internal affairs.”

Thousands of Yemenis protest in capital Sanaa over immunity deal for president

Tens of thousands of demonstrators demanded the president be put on trial and executed for crimes they say he committed during his 33 years in power
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