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Luka Rocco Magnotta, 'Canadian Psycho,' tells judge he won't fight extradition (VIDEO)

"You got me," Magnotta reportedly told German police officers who arrested him yesterday in Berlin.

Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested: 'Canadian Psycho' caught in Berlin

"A 29-year-old man wanted by Interpol was arrested early this afternoon in an internet cafe," a police spokesman said.

Alexander Kinyua says he ate brain, heart of murdered housemate

The victim had been missing for four days when Alexander Kinyua's brother discovered two tins hidden under a blanket in the basement. They contained a human head and hands.

Ian Lee Stawicki, Seattle shooter, dead in hospital

The suspect's family has said the attacks came as "no surprise."

Seattle café shooting: gunman kills 3, wounds 2, shoots himself (UPDATES)

According to the AP, today’s incident is the latest in a string of shootings in Seattle.

Marissa Alexander, who fired ‘warning shot’ in fight with husband, sentenced to 20 years in prison

"If we want to protect self-defense in Florida, we can't have a 20-year mandatory minimum hanging over the heads of people who fire warning shots instead of just killing their attacker," Greg Newburn, Florida Project Director for Families Against Mandatory Minimums, told the Orlando Sentinel.

Psychopaths have a different brain structure, study says

Psychopaths may have an abnormal brain structure concluded scientists in a new study.

Taxi driver charged after running over man on video (VIDEO)

A Montreal taxi driver was charged Monday in a gruesome hit-and-run after an altercation Sunday night.

Norway killer Breivik: a product of the internet?

OSLO — Breivik's massacre of 77 people last summer was all too real. But the killer himself looks more and more like a product of the internet. As prosecutors skillfully drew out details of Breivik’s failed life in the run-up to the attacks, it seemed that from 2006 — when he wound up his business selling fake diplomas and moved in with his mother — Breivik had retreated into an online world.

In China, hot money crosses borders

HONG KONG — New reports allege the wife of a Communist party boss killed British businessman Neil Heywood after he threatened to expose a shady financial offshoring network, enabling her to funnel over a billion dollars out of the country. The money trade is big business in China. It's also a serious crime, potentially punishable by death.
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