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India: Why are friends kidnapping friends?

NEW DELHI — When the ransom call came in from Gupta's kidnappers, his best friend Kumar was there to comfort the family. And when the ransom call was over, it was Kumar who, police say, ducked out to call his partners and let them know how their demands had gone over.

Hong Kong's anti-corruption crime fighters

HONG KONG — After Beijing-tainted elections, Hong Kong sends a heartening message: the rule of law still reigns here.

Did a Spanish nun steal thousands of newborns?

BARCELONA — Thousands of infants in Spain were stolen at birth decades ago, allegedly by a network of nuns, doctors and other officials who sold the children for profit. Now, as a handful of families are reunited, one alleged perpetrator — a nun — is going on trial.

John Goodman, Florida millionaire, guilty of manslaughter in drunk driving accident

Goodman ran a stoplight in his Bentley, and sent 23-year-old Scott Wilson's car plunging into a canal.

Swimsuit model accused of running drug ring captured in Australia

Former swimsuit model, Simone Farrow, was arrested last week after being accused of running a global drug ring and fleeing after a $150 thousand bail. 

Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois Gov., gives last speech before heading to prison

Blagojevich said going to jail is the “hardest thing I've ever had to do” but, he told the crowd of about 300, “I'll see you again," the Chicago Tribune reported.

Pittsburgh psychiatric hospital shootings: 2 dead, 7 wounded

One of the dead is the gunman, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center spokesman Paul Wood said, according to CBS News.

Facebook status update foils armed robbery in South Africa

South African mother Lizette Langeveld stopped a violent home invasion by summoning help through a Facebook status update.
Facebook status stops robbery 2012 03 05Enlarge
A South African woman stopped a home invasion by updating her Facebook status, alerting friends who called police and security guards. (Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

JOHANNESBURG — A South African woman stopped an armed robbery at her home near Pretoria, the capital, by updating her Facebook status, according to reports.

Two men broke into the home of Lizette Langeveld in the town of Centurion, demanding money, jewelry and keys to the safe. They physically assaulted the 43-year-old mother, stole her mobile phone and threatened to rape her, the Beeld newspaper reported Monday. 


Hughie Elbert Stover, former Upper Big Branch mine security chief, sentenced

"Today's sentence sends a clear message that when a person obstructs an investigation – especially an investigation as critical as UBB – there will be consequences," US Attorney Booth Goodwin said.

Ohio senator to propose state law banning secret compartments in vehicles

Major drug traffickers moving narcotics from coast to coast often pass through Ohio, the (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported. In 2011, the state Highway Patrol found $69.5 million worth of illegal drugs during traffic stops.
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