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Long Island SAT cheating scandal widens

“Honest hard-working students are taking a back seat to the cheaters,” Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said. “This is a system begging for security enhancements.”

China: Preschool owner arrested over deadly bus crash

The bus was originally had just nine seats, but they had been taken out in order to cram in more than 60 passengers.

Penn State's Paterno to leave, sources say

Rumors that Paterno’s days are numbered gathered steam when Penn State canceled his weekly press conference today.

176 Honduran police arrested over corruption charges

A total of 176 Honduran police officers in the same unit have been arrested in an attempt to clear out corrupt law-enforcement, government officials said Thursday.

New crack law: 1000s to be freed under revamped sentencing guidelines

Congress reduced the disparity in prison sentences for future cases with 2010’s Fair Sentencing Act, and this summer the U.S. Sentencing Commission said it would also apply the act to inmates already in prison, Reuters reports.

Halloween in New Orleans: 16 shot, 2 dead

The first death occurred around midnight when two men started firing at each other on Bourbon street in the French Quarter.

Greenville, S.C., police hunt gunman (UPDATES)

A “gun battle” had occurred between the man and a female officer in the morning after she spotted his silver Yukon SUV in an apartment complex, Greenville Police Chief Teri Wilfong told the media.

NYPD ticket-fixing sweep: 16 cops face charges

The ticket charges will involve more than 300 traffic tickets that were fixed, the New York Times reports.

Consultant convicted of stealing from Bloomberg

Ultimately, the AP reports, the consultant only spent $32,000 on poll-watching and diverted the rest to himself, using $750,000 to buy his father’s house.
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