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Sex and the siesta

BARCELONA — In the land of the siesta, citizens have collectively decided to put the business of life and work on hold from about 2 o’clock until 4 o’clock, when everyone tucks into a leisurely lunch followed by an afternoon catnap. At least that’s how it works in many foreigners’ imaginations.

#AFridayIn Neukölln, Berlin

This Friday, Phelan is taking us on a tour of her Berlin neighborhood, Neukölln, which used to be known for its Turkish population but has increasingly become full of wealthy young hipsters, often to locals' annoyance.

Man arrested after attacking $12.5MN Monet painting in Dublin

The attacker lunged at the 1874 painting, entitled Argenteuil Basin with a Single Sailboat, on Friday morning, leaving a large hole in the canvass.

Taiwan beauty pageant asks contestants to not fool around with married men

Participants in a Taiwanese beauty pageant are asked to sign a fidelity pledge.
Maison-Mantin-Mistress roomEnlarge
Mantin kept a room decorated in feminine Louis XV furniture for his married lover, Louise Aliere. (Barry Neild/GlobalPost)

Worried that a beauty pageant contestant is trying to steal your man? If she wants to be in the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant, you're safe, at least according to the pageant organizers.

Each woman participating in the Miss Globalcity Taiwan Pageant is now required to sign a pledge confirming that she is not a "home wrecker," the Associated Foreign Press reported


Boston University hazing: Five men found naked, bound together with duct tape in basement of fraternity house

Police seek charges against 14 Boston University students after five men were found bound together with duct tape.
BOSTON - JUNE 24: State and local police stand outside the John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse amid heavy security as James 'Whitey' Bulger and girlfriend Catherine Greig are arraigned June 24, 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts. Bulger is wanted for the alleged murders of 19 people dating back to the mid 90's and Greig is wanted for harboring a criminal. Both were arrested in Santa Monica, California on Wednesday after 16 years on the run. (Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Boston police had received complaints about noise at a fraternity house near Boston University. But when they showed up to the house early Monday morning, they found something much more disturbing than a typical frat party. 


Six puppies found in Ohio man's suitcase

An Ohio man has been charged with animal abandonment after authorities found six English bulldog puppies in his suitcase.
Beagle puppies dog 01 27 2011Enlarge
South Korean scientists say they have found a way to make beagles like these glow in the dark. (Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images)

A man in Ohio is accused of storing a litter of English bulldog puppies in his suitcase. He now faces charges of animal abandonment. 

According to investigators, the suspect zipped six puppies into a suitcase and left it next to a trash bin. He almost got away with abandoning the dogs. But he forgot to remove a luggage tag that had his name on it, the Associated Press reported


Easter egg hunt canceled because of violent parents

For the second time in a month, an Easter egg hunt has been canceled because of aggressive parents.
Easter sunday good friday pope 2011 4 22 Enlarge
Pope Benedict XVI (C) celebrates the Lord's Passion on Good Friday on April 22, 2011 at Saint Peter's Basilica at The Vatican. Benedict celebrates the Passion of the Lord in the afternoon before presiding over the stations of the Cross, re-enacting Jesus Christ's final hours and crucifixion, later in the evening at Rome's Colosseum. (Tiziana Fabi/AFP/Getty Images)

An Easter egg hunt was canceled in Macon, Georgia after participants got a little too competitive. But sadly, it wasn't the children who needed to be put in time-out.

"Parents caused a situation in which some children got hurt," Bibb County Commissioner Joe Allen, the egg hunt coordinator, told The Telegraph of Macon

Drunk Amish collision 2012 03-12Enlarge
Four Amish youth have been arrested on alcohol-possession charges in western New York state after a sheriff's patrol car hit a buggy while responding to a report of underage drinking. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

For those worried about drunk drivers on the road, it will not be comforting to learn that the government employees who clean up your car crashes may also be drunk.

Herbert Morgan, a state street sweeper in New Mexico, was cleaning up debris from a car wreck, but he missed.  His street sweeping vehicle instead crashed into a police car, the Associated Press reported.

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