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‘Homeland’ goes to South America: Brody’s Venezuela nightmare tower

BOSTON — Showtime's hit drama "Homeland" until now had built its suspense largely around terrorism in the United States and Arab and Gulf countries. Now in its third season, it's taken a surprise turn for South America — and some of the story there sounds very real.

European woes for Current TV as CEO charges foul play

British branch of Al Gore's liberal channel loses pay cable deal.
Kieth obermanEnlarge
Keith Olbermann, the face of Current TV, is currently off the air. Now the channel itself is likely to go off the air in Britain. (Jason Kempin/AFP/Getty Images)

As if its Keith Olbermann headache isn't bad enough, Current has been told that it will be dropped by BSkyB, Britain's largest cable-TV operator. Sky provided funds for Current's British operations

Sky is part-owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Murdoch scrapped plans to buy Sky outright last summer following the phone-hacking scandal at his British newspaper, the News of the World.

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