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Anti-Roma protests hit Czech Republic, 75 arrested

Hundreds of far-right activists demonstrated against the Roma populations in towns and cities across the Czech Republic.

Czechs confront reputation for lousy food

PRAGUE — Prague is trying to shed its stodgy culinary reputation as a new crop of chefs is seeking to erase the image of local food as artery-clogging, poorly cooked, tourist-trap fodder that led a visiting South African reviewer to denounce it as the world's worst cuisine in 2006.

Faking orgasms common among Czechs

And we are not talking just about women here.
Czech menEnlarge
Two Czech male extras perform a 'Chippendale' erotic dance during a four-day erotic culture fair Erotica Sex 2004 at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. (Staff/AFP/Getty Images)

That most women have faked an orgasm at one point or another — either out of laziness or because of (how does one put this?) an overly considerate partner’s persistence — is old news.

Remember Meg Ryan in her famous orgasm-faking scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally. But that was back in 1989, before online pornography went mainstream.

Nowadays it’s much easier for ladies to learn proper orgasm-faking techniques from those who do it for a living: female porn stars.

Surprisingly enough, men must have learned a few tricks in this arena over the years, too.

According to a study conducted in the Czech Republic— which is, consequently, one of the world’s most prominent porn production hubs — women aren’t the only ones who resort to the practice.

Based on the nationwide study of sexual behavior conducted by the research agency STEM/MARK, 64 percent of Czech women say they have faked an orgasm at least once, with 15 percent admitting they do it regularly.

What’s perhaps more interesting is that 20 percent of Czech men also claim they have faked an orgasm.

I have so many questions about that, I don’t even know where to start.

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