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Female Dalai Lama could be a possibility

Tibetan Buddhism's supreme leader, the Dalai Lama, reiterated Thusday in Australia that he believed a female Dalai Lama was entirely possible, although all previous holders of the title have been male.

South African government 'unlawfully' delayed Dalai Lama visa decision, court rules

The Office of Tibet in Pretoria welcomed the court ruling and said the Dalai Lama has expressed a desire to visit South Africa again.

Dalai Lama tells Internet that 'religion is no longer adequate'

Leader of Tibetan Buddhism states that "grounding ethics in religion is no longer adequate."
Dalai lama london  0Enlarge
<> at St Paul's Cathedral on May 14, 2012 in London, England. (Oli Scarff/Getty Images)
Is religion enough to curb the violence and unrest that's gripping the planet today? Even the Dalai Lama, spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism, is feeling unsure.

Photos: Tibetans in Sichuan

Though not part of China's officially designated Tibet Autonomous Region, Sichuan is an ethnically Tibetan part of the country. Most of the nearly two dozens Tibetan monks and nuns who have self-immolated since February 2009 were located in Sichuan.

Database of Tibetan self-immolations

Most are men, and many are young. All of them are Tibetan.

Tibet: Timeline of troubles

Experts say the current wave of unrest reverberating across the Tibetan plateau stems directly from China’s tightening of controls following the 2008 riots.

Tibet: Does China care what other countries have to say?

BEIJING — Global outcry over self-immolations in Tibet appears more subdued than the world's rage over the 2008 crackdown in Lhasa.

China keeps a lid on Tibet's troubles

Even when roadblocks and threats don’t keep journalists out, Tibetans are often too spooked to speak openly.

Tibet: How the trouble started

XINING — Monks are under lockdown as negotiations hit a stalemate.
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