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South Koreans become world's top credit card users

SEOUL, South Korea — South Koreans officially use the most plastic, according to the latest figures on global credit card purchases. Per capita, South Korea's credit card use rose to 129.7 transactions in 2011, according to data compiled by the Bank of Korea, up from 114.9 transactions in 2010.

Anti-immigrant parties grow in Greece amid economic woes

Greece's economic woes have not only meant financial instability but also political and societal instability.

US student debt reaches $1 trillion

US student debt surpassed $1 trillion last year, according to new numbers by th Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Euro zone crisis summit: the spinning begins

Leaked reports, anonymous quotes and threats from Tory backbenchers fill the time while waiting for the leaders to make their decisions.
The flowers aren't Angela Merkel just yet. These are for a cabinet colleague's birthday. Merkel's laurels may be presented if the EU summit endorses her plans for rescuing the euro (Sean Gallup/AFP/Getty Images)

At the press conference following their meeting Monday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy were deliberately vague about their agreed plan for saving the single currency.


Agreement is reached to end U.S. debt crisis, Obama says

Obama said the agreement would result in the lowest level of domestic spending since the Eisenhower administration.

Obama steps in to address nation as Republicans, Democrats maintain standoff over debt ceiling

U.S. Democrats and Republicans are far apart on the debt-ceiling issue, with both parties on Monday putting forward separate and very different proposals to avert a possible government default next week.

U.S.: Boehner walks away from debt ceiling talks with Obama

Boehner said he would negotiate directly with Senate leaders to try to find a compromise by the Aug. 2 deadline to avert the U.S. government defaulting

U.S. President Barack Obama and key lawmakers fail to agree on how to slash debt

Obama will meet again with Congressional leaders for "hard bargaining" on Sunday
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