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Supercommittee likely to announce failure to agree on debt plan

The special debt-reduction supercommittee is likely to admit failure to come up with a debt plan as the Nov. 23 deadline looms.

Spain’s brain drain pain: young talent heads abroad for a better future

MADRID — The problem raises uncertainty about Spain's future.

Another Oops! moment for Standard & Poor's ratings

Standard & Poor's "upgrades" Brazil to a credit level it already held.
Sp brazil upgrade oopsEnlarge
As John Stewart points out, Standard & Poor's means average and below average. (Screengrab)

BOSTON — Oh, my. It's been a rough last few months for Standard and Poor's. 

First, in August the agency — alone among the big three ratings firms — downgraded US government debt, landing itself in the middle of a media firestorm (even though its analysis actually had some very good points).


Can Mario Monti save Italy? (Updated)

ROME — Super Mario Monti faces his first major test today, with an austerity plan that's already sparking Greek-style protests. 

Eurofight: France and Germany bicker over bailout

ATHENS — Contagion — meaning collateral damage in the form of unemployment and economic slowdown — is not just a euro zone problem. It’s a worldwide crisis. 

Is a German 'Fourth Reich' emerging?

Berlin — As a German arrives in Greece to help with the bailout, journalists accuse him of setting up "a new Gestapo headquarters." 

European democracy falls victim to euro zone crisis

ATHENS — Unelected technocrats take over leadership in Greece and Italy, further removing major decisions from popular will.  

Greece’s new government: Why it won’t matter

ATHENS — Desperation is growing as Greece finally forms a new government. But Greeks see little difference between the candidates. 

Greek Prime Minister Papandreou survives critical confidence vote

ATHENS — The prime minister pledges to form a new unity government, regardless of whether he leads it.

Jon Corzine resigns from bankrupt MF Global

Corzine said he felt "great sadness" at the collapse of MF Global and the fallout for clients and employees.
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