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Congo M23 rebels withdraw from Goma

"We are leaving for peace," said M23's military chief Col. Sultani Makenga.

Congo plane crash kills 20

The plane appeared to be unable to brake and ran off the runway, destroying around 15 houses and a bar before hitting a ravine and catching on fire.

UK stops £21 million aid payment to Rwanda

An aid payment of £16 million was given to Rwanda in September despite its alleged support for the M23 militia in Congo.

UN extends arms embargo on Congo rebels

The sanctions against Congo rebels were first introduced in 2003 at the end of a civil war that took over the central African nation for five years.

Congo M23 rebels say they are withdrawing from Goma

A UN Group of Experts report found that M23 is a Rwandan proxy fighting to control mines in the eastern Congo.

Upheaval in the Congo

It's the civilians who bear the brunt of the violence. They say all they want is peace.

Congo summit: African leaders gather to urge a halt to violence

African leaders from the Great Lakes region held a summit Saturday, urging rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo to stop their escalating war.

Rebels take Goma, vow 'liberation' of DR Congo (PHOTOS)

A rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has rejected calls from regional leaders to withdraw from provincial capital Goma after seizing control of the city this week.

DR Congo: M23 rebels begin 'liberation' march on Kinshasa

Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo have threatened to march on the capital, Kinshasa, in order to "liberate" the country.

M23 rebels take Goma in eastern DR Congo, defeating UN peacekeepers

GlobalPost's correspondent Tristan McConnell reports that the rebellion is threatening to escalate into a regional war.
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