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UN to sanction M23 rebels in the eastern Congo

A leaked UN report this week accused Rwanda of commanding the M23 rebellion in the eastern DRC.

Congo demands sanctions on Rwanda, Uganda over rebel support

The M23 movement, led by an indicted war criminal, has forced around 470,000 people to flee their homes since March.

Two baby gorillas rescued in Congo

"In the areas where rebel activity has escalated, poaching has also escalated," said LuAnne Cadd, a spokeswoman for Virunga National Park.

Lesula, new monkey species, discovered in DR Congo

Nature lovers are already falling hard for the wide-eyed, pink-faced primate.

WHO: Ebola outbreak in DR of Congo getting out of control

"The epidemic is not under control. On the contrary the situation is very, very serious," said Eugene Kabambi, a WHO spokesman in Kinshasa.

Ivory: Ugandan army suspected of elephant slaughter

According to conversation groups, poachers are killing tens of thousands of elephants a year, and the underground ivory trade is becoming increasingly militarized.

DRC army defectors handed death sentence in absentia

Aid workers say more than 100,000 people in North Kivu province have been forced to flee mass executions, mutilations, rapes and kidnapping that are occurring on an almost daily basis.

International Criminal Court seeks new charges against Congo's 'Terminator'

The International Criminal Court seeks new charges against Bosco "The Terminator" Ntaganda and other Democratic Republic of Congo militia leaders.

Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda troops take over DR Congo towns

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Ntaganda in 2006 for charges of using child soldiers to fight in his militia group.

New Congo airline destroys old planes to reassure passengers

Fly Congo has been formed from Hewa Bora Airways, which was blacklisted by the European Union and had its licence revoked following a crash last July that killed 74 people.  
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