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Allosaurus eating habits may have been more grim than previously believed

The carnivorous Allosaurus, long thought to be much like a scaled down Tyrannosaurus Rex, may have had distinctly different feeding habits due to its lighter anatomy.

Tyrannosaurus fossil embroiled in custody case will be returned to Mongolia

A Mongolian Tyrannosaurus fossil will return home, after a US federal judge ruled that the 70-million-year-old dinosaur would be forfeited to the US government from paleontologist from Erik Prokopi, accused of smuggling the remains out of the Gobi desert.

World's oldest dinosaur may have been discovered

Where did dinosaurs come from, anyway? A Tanzanian fossil may help close the evolutionary gap between "true" dinosaurs and dinosaur relatives, shedding new light on how these iconic, prehistoric reptiles came into being.
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