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Lyme disease 10 times more common in US than previously believed

The CDC estimates there's an average of 300,000 cases of Lyme in the US yearly, ten times higher than previous estimates.

New malaria vaccine shows promising results

"We're in the first stages now of really being able to have a completely effective vaccine."

Man dies from coronavirus in Tunisia

A sixty-six-year-old Tunisian man has died of coronavirus after paying a visit to Saudi Arabia, the first death and the first recorded case of the novel infectious disease in the African nation.  The NCoV disease, which is similar to SARS but has important distinctions of its own, appears to be strongest in Saudi Arabia, where it has killed sixteen people — and where the deceased Tunisian man was likely infected.

Two now confirmed ill with novel coronavirus in France

Two French men have now been confirmed to be suffering from the novel coronavirus nCoV-EMC, a SARS-like respiratory illness that is believed to have originated in the Middle East.

More than 582,000 chickens hit by Mexican bird flu outbreak

The Mexican government has announced that 582,000 chickens have been exposed to the bird flu virus, although it's currently unknown how many poultry will have to be slaughtered to control the spread of the ailment.

CDC advises whooping cough booster shots for adults, older kids

You may have thought this distinctly unpleasant lung affliction has gone the way of the dinosaurs, but you'd be sadly mistaken: the Center for Disease Control reports that pertussis (Latin for whooping cough, which translates into "through cough") is back in the picture.

Ebola caused 14 deaths in Western Uganda this month

Ebola is the culprit for 14 deaths in Uganda this month, said the World Health Organization, ending speculation about the identity of the malady.
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