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London: All priced out and nowhere to go

LONDON — “We don’t want to move out of here but we’re going to have to,” said Krissie Nicolson, 37, who has lived in the London borough of Hackney for 16 years. “I’ve got a master’s degree, for Christ’s sake. My friends work their fingers to the bone just to earn enough money to stay housed.” She is not alone.

From village to airport lounge

LONDON — She wore high heels, shorts and a tan that’s impossible to achieve naturally in London in early May. He sported a blue suit and carried a small dog on his arm. “I think we could get away with a private jet, don’t you?” he said as they glided down the street, a snippet of overheard conversation in Knightsbridge, long one of London’s poshest districts. But its newest and possibly richest residents are changing its atmosphere.

Thriving London obscures fading Britain

LONDON — On Wednesday, the funeral procession carrying the body of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher will wend through the heart of London’s financial center en route to St. Paul’s Cathedral. As it travels down Fleet Street, the carriage will pass investment banks, multinational law firms and expense-account restaurants whose wine lists boast vintages that predate Thatcher’s premiership.
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