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US lends firepower to Yemen fight

Opinion: Outsourcing intelligence work is a slippery slope

Will the US drone program turn the country into a pariah?

Perhaps as damning as the deadly drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan themselves is the consistent refusal of the Obama administration to acknowledge the harm done by the weapons. As the government trumpets the unmanned airstrikes' precision, independent reports put civilian casualties in the hundreds.

Here are 3 other places the US military bombed in the past month

Not every bombing campaign is as well publicized as the one probably coming to Syria. Here's what else the US military is up to.

US drone strike kills 2 Al Qaeda suspects in Yemen

“We strongly condemn the drones,” Fadl Abdullah, head of the Yemeni Organization for Human Rights, told the AP on Friday, before the latest strike. “There are strong chances that civilians get killed in the middle of the strike, either because they are present at the site of the attack or simply because of wrong information provided by the informants.”

In the long run, drones may be ineffective and counter-productive

Drones are an easy option for a president who does not want the US to be world policeman.
un inquiry drone killings jan 2013Enlarge
A US Predator unmanned drone armed with a missile stands on the tarmac of Kandahar military airport in 2010. Drones have been a key element of the fight against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere. (Massoud Hossaini/AFP/Getty Images)
Though cheaper and more easily implemented, drone strikes are quickly undermining US counterinsurgency efforts by galvanizing Al Qaeda recruitment.

Alitalia pilot reports 'drone' sighting near JFK Airport

The unusual sighting four to five miles southeast of the airport has sparked an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Joint Terror Task Force, ABC News reported.

CIA operating secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

The CIA has been running a secret airbase in Saudi Arabia to launch deadly drone attacks against Al Qaeda in Yemen, various media outlets reported today.

UN launching investigation into drone killings

The UN Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights will determine whether drone attacks constitute a war crime.

Afghanistan set to enter the drone age

Kabul hopes for spy drones to increase its sovereignty, but the reality may not match the hype.
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