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Canadian mom bakes office colleagues with pot brownies

Office workers in Victoria, British Columbia, went to the hospital after feeling dizzy and disoriented from snacking on pot brownies accidentally brought in by a coworker.
Canada pot brownies 09 04 2011Enlarge
A Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf flies during a rally in support of legalizing marijuana on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. (Donald Weber/Getty Images)

Three Canadian office workers got "more than a caffeine buzz" after nibbling on some brownies brought in by a colleague, the Vancouver Sun reports.

The employees of an office in Victoria, British Columbia, went to the hospital after feeling dizzy, disoriented and numb in the limbs after snacking on brownies brought in to share by their coworker.

Victoria police said they were called in to investigate a possible mass poisoning at a downtown office building.  

An investigation led to the discovery of marijuana-laden brownies in the staff room refrigerator. All three ill workers had eaten the pot brownies.

The woman who brought them in said she had discovered the brownies in her freezer at home. Her son told police that he baked the brownies a year ago, and had forgotten about them in the freezer.


Mexican drug cartel leader "had 1,500 people murdered"

Mexican police say that Acosta Hernandez is the leader of the La Linea gang, whose members work as hired killers for the notoriously violent Juarez cartel, which controls the main drug smuggling routes into the United States.

Canada jails American granny for 12 days in "heroin smuggling" mixup

American Janet Goodin, a 66-year-old grandma, was strip searched and jailed for 12 days after Canadian border officials accused her of smuggling heroin — later found to be used motor oil.
Canada us border heroin grandma 07 27 11Enlarge
A Canadian Customs officer watches over the U.S.-Canada border. Canadian border agents at a Minnesota-Manitoba border crossing arrested an American grandmother and jailed her for 12 days on suspicion of trying to smuggle heroin into Canada. A jar of what border agents thought was heroin turned out to be motor oil. (Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

An American granny was strip-searched and then jailed for almost two weeks by Canadian border police who accused her of trying to smuggle heroin into Canada after finding a liquid-filled jar in the back of her minivan.

The Mason jar was later found to contain used motor oil — but not before Janet Goodin, a 66-year-old grandmother, had been held in jail for 12 days and subjected to humiliating strip searches and interrogations.

Goodin had been driving from the U.S. state of Minnesota to visit her daughters in the Canadian province of Manitoba for a weekend of bingo.

When Canadian border agents searched her van as she crossed the small-town border between the two countries, they found a glass jar full of a liquid which at roadside tested positive for heroin.

Goodin ended up in a Winnipeg, Manitoba jail facing charges of heroin trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking in heroin and importation, which carry a minimum of two years in jail, the Winnipeg Free Press reports.

She was subjected to repeated interrogations, and was stripped naked and searched. She later recalled having to remove the incontinence pad she was wearing so that customs officials could search it.

“I am a really private person. I was raised on a farm,” Goodin told the Toronto Star. When I was young I didn’t wear low-cut blouses. To stand there naked in front of other women, and have them inspecting you — it was indescribable how humiliated I was, and still am.”

Goodin remained in jail for 12 days until a Royal Canadian Mounted Police lab test revealed that the jar contained nothing more than used motor oil – reportedly put there by her son in law after he changed her van’s oil two years ago.

All charges against her were dropped.

“I went to bingo and ended up in jail,” Goodin told the Star. “I’m probably the last person in the world who would be smuggling drugs.”

The Winnipeg Free Press described Goodin’s ordeal as “an Orwellian nightmare.”

“The appalling treatment of an American grandmother … exposes the problem of relying on fallible technology at the expense of common sense and human intelligence,” an editorial in the newspaper said.


New recreation drug, "bath salts," causing legal headaches ... and much worse

A new stimulant drug — legal in many U.S. states — is reportedly turning users (or perhaps misusers) "violent and psychotic," and leading to people needing sedation, treatment for heart and kidney failure, and even causing suicides.
Bath salts recreational drugs 7 17 2011Enlarge
Baggies of typical "bath salts" are seen in Washington, DC. (Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)
"Bath salts" — in powder or crystal form, like your regular bath salts — are already banned in 29 states, mostly in the South and the Midwest, and the DEA is considering federal action as reports of overdose are up 400 percent compared with last year.

Thailand's "war on drugs" heats up

North Korea: Does lightning cause steroids?

It's one thing after another for the North Korean women's soccer team.
North korea womens soccer 2011 07 07Enlarge
Yun Mi Jo (center) and Jong Sun Song (left) of North Korea battle for the ball with Sweden's Jessica Landstrom (right), during a FIFA Women's World Cup 2011 Group C match in Augsburg, Germany, on July 2, 2011. (Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images)

Remember last week when the North Korean women's soccer coach offered up the excuse of a lifetime?

To account for his team's loss against the United States in the opening match of the Women's World Cup, coach Kim Kwang Min said that at least eight members of his team had been struck by lightning.


Well, now the question seems to be: Can lightning cause steroids?

According to FIFA, soccer's international governing body, two North Korean defenders — Song Jong-Sun and Jong Pok-Sim — both tested positive for a banned anabolic steroid, AFP reported.

The two players were benched before a match with Colombia yesterday, which ended in a draw.

Because there are two instances of alleged steroid use on one team, FIFA said it would test the entire team.

Theo Zwanziger, president of the football federation in Germany, which is hosting is the Women's World Cup, said the incident reveals how far North Korea would go in the name of a win.

This incident underlines the impression of the inhumane system in North Korea where attempts are made to give athletes success by any means possible.

We are eager to hear Kim Kwang Min's excuse after this one.

Oh wait, that's him on the phone ... something about a UFO and a dog eating his ...


Genetically modified pot a license to print money for Colombian farmers

Genetically modified pot seeds from Amsterdam grown on pot farms and in greenhouses in Colombia is fetching 10 times the price of regular marijuana.
Marijuana genetically modified colombiaEnlarge
A man shows marijuana in an apple during a demo for its legalization in Medellin, Colombia on May 7, 2011. Hundreds of youngsters marched in several events throughout Latin America, under the slogan "Cultivate your rights." (FREDY AMARILES/AFP/Getty Images)

Genetically modified marijuana is reportedly a hit with Colombian farmers who say the "enhanced" plants are "more powerful and profitable," according to Agence France-Presse.

With varietal names like "creepy," who can doubt them?

Local authorities said the arrival of genetically modified seeds from Europe and the United States have allowed "a bigger production and better quality at the same time."

The head of one farm told AFP that a genetically modified variety known in Europe as "La Cominera," from a seed modified in The Netherlands, is sold for about 10 times the rate for "normal" marijuana.

GlobalPost reports from Amsterdam: Amsterdam fights for your right to smoke pot

Colombian authorities said the arrival of genetically modified seeds from Europe and the United States have allowed "a bigger

One owner of a greenhouse an hour's drive from the city of Cali, said she can sell the modified marijuana for 100,000 pesos ($54) a kilo (2.2 pounds), which is nearly 10 times more than the price she can get for ordinary marijuana.

"La Cominera," is named for the Colombian village where it grows.

La Cominera's" higher value is due to its increased concentration of THC, the plant's principal active ingredient, and the modified plant verges on an 18 percent concentration level, compared to a normal marijuana plant's 2 to 7 percent, said the researcher.

Another farmer tells AFP: "I don't like growing marijuana, but it ended up that way. I received a loan to grow coffee, but I was drowning and I had to sell my harvest very cheap. My sister told me it would be better to plant marijuana."

Residents of Cali say they cannot sustain themselves on coffee and banana crops alone, because of price fluctuations and the difficulties in reaching markets in time, due to a poor road network.

Police commander Rodriguez said the GM crop's growth poses a problem for local law enforcement, because profits are often used to finance other criminal activity.


Global war on drugs has failed, international commission says

The report by the Global Commission on Drug Policy contends that anti-drug policy has failed by fueling organized crime, costing taxpayers millions of dollars and causing thousands of deaths

Netherlands to close cannabis cafes to tourists, impose restrictions on Dutch

The Netherlands is known as having one of the most liberal "soft drug" policies, and the country's cannabis cafes, where the sale and use of cannabis is tolerated, have become popular tourist attractions, pulling in millions of tourists a year.

Indian reservation: a smuggler's playground

AKWESANE — Under darkness the smugglers head across the St. Lawrence River on snowmobiles. As the weather warms up, they’ll be out in their speedboats, darting in and out of the river’s islands in their bid to outwit border patrol agents.
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