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The Earth Project: Electric Wilds

The Desertec Foundation is working to tap the world’s empty spaces for clean, renewable power. 

The Earth Project: Green Breeze

Xtreme Power is installing nearly 29,000 batteries at the Notrees Wind Farm in Texas to store power when the wind blows and deliver it when it slows.

The Earth Project: High Water

Itaipu dam powers all of Paraguay and 20 percent of Brazil.

The Earth Project: Desert Oasis

A project called Community, Energy, and Technology in the Middle East has built solar panels and wind turbines for isolated West Bank settlements, providing electricity to some 2,000 Palestinians.

The Earth Project: Extreme Makeover Coal Edition

A research center in Spain is perfecting technology to strip CO2 from powerplant emissions and store it deep underground.

The Earth Project: Mongolia's Wind Revolution

Mongolia has massive coal reserves, but that hasn't stopped the country from taking advantage of vast renewable resources.

The Earth Project: Flying High

Makani Power is building a kite that can turn wind into power more efficiently than standard wind turbines.

The Earth Project: Over the falls

Congo Star Safaris uses Kiubu falls to power a remote lodge in in one of Africa's most undeveloped countries.

The Earth Project: Taxi to a greener future

Twenty Nissan Leaf electric taxis now ply the streets of Mexico's capital, with eighty more planned to start operating by the end of the year.

The Earth Project: Less than zero

The Aspern Lakeside Development will include Austria's largest geothermal plant and Vienna's first energy-producing building.

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