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Nobel Prize for Economics: In praise of usefulness (VIDEO)

Not all economists are theoretical blowhards. Some actually make the world a better-informed place.
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How do you make sense of something like this? (NASA/Courtesy)
University of Chicago economists Eugene Fama and Lars Peter Hansen — as well as Yale economist Robert Shiller — have all done something that most economists can only dream about: create research and knowledge that's used every day, and that affects the lives of millions of people.

Russia seeks economic boost with investment in Siberia

Mineral and metal-rich Siberia is already home to oil, diamonds, gas and coal producers and in April 2013, Russia announced a billion-dollar investment in the region. "There will be payback for money invested into the region," Medvedev said during a trip to the region in April, forecasting trillions of roubles would flow back into the Russian economy.

Filipino job seekers come home

MANILA — The biggest gamblers at the five-star Solaire Resort and Casino on Manila Bay aren't necessarily customers rolling the dice. Among those dealing cards, mixing martinis and preparing meals for guests are about 500 of Solaire’s 5,000 workers who used to punch the clock overseas.
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