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UK: The man who wasn’t there

LONDON — On paper, things should be good for Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour Party and head of the official opposition to Prime Minister David Cameron’s government. If the next election — currently set for May 2015 — were held tomorrow, he would be the country’s next leader. Or would he?  
Austerity budgetEnlarge
Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer heads for the House of Commons to deliver his budget speech (tucked away in the little red box.) (CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

Budgets are inherently dull. Outside the Beltway do many Americans pay attention when the President sends his annual budget request to Congress?

But here in Britain, no mater how dull the details,  there are weeks of speculation about what the annual budget will contain in terms of taxes and measures to encourage this or that part of the economy. On the day itself, the 24 hour news stations go wall to wall with the story, statistics fly like a seminar in business school.


What the Scottish National Party's victory might mean

EDINBURGH — It is difficult to overstate the impact Scottish secession could have on the UK.
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