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India: Is education policy increasing inequality?

In 2009, India guaranteed its citizens the right to education. But critics say the policy is marred by a dangerous move toward privatization.

Correspondent's Note: Inequality in education struck me as the most important story in India for GlobalPost’s Special Report on income inequality, “The Great Divide,” because it results in a vicious cycle: For the most part, the poor do not have access to a good education, which forces them to fall further. At the same time, the increasing privatization of schools has made Indian education as segregated as the American South ever was — and all signs point to it getting worse. India's school system has already been privatized. And only those who can pay hefty fees get an education.

That struck me as an existential crisis for India, because Indian society is already unequal in so many ways. India’s poorest people don't have access to basic needs like food and clean water, and huge numbers die from starvation, malnutrition, and treatable diseases. The Muslim minority ranks shockingly low by almost any measure of prosperity, thanks to historical discrimination. And while some members of the lowest castes have benefited from quotas in jobs and education, most have not.


Science teachers may be partially responsible for invasive species in US, Canada

Science teachers may be guilty of more than just the occasional shockingly boring lecture: new research finds that instructors may be responsible for the introduction of a number of damaging invasive species in the U.S and Canada.

Saudi Arabia establishes first Western studies center

RIYADH – The Kingdom gets its first Western studies program.

Math-fearing minds are different than their peers

Children with high levels of anxiety when presented with math problems have different brain functions than their calmer peers.

US student debt reaches $1 trillion

US student debt surpassed $1 trillion last year, according to new numbers by th Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

China bans palm-reading tests for kindergarteners

Palm-reading tests gauging the intelligence of kindergarteners have been banned in China's northern Shanxi province
China palm reading kids 2012 02 02Enlarge
(AARON TAM/AFP/Getty Images)
Palm-readers in China's Shanxi province claimed they could predict a toddler's abilities

Teacher punished for voodoo

A special needs teacher has been banned from the classroom after a using violence and “voodoo” against students
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A special needs teacher has been banned from the classroom after a using violence and “voodoo” against students.

Roslyn Holloway, who taught in Telford, UK, threatened to put a “voodoo curse” on a special needs pupil, and said she would use a bizarre ritual to drown the student if he didn’t keep quiet in class.

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