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US role in Egypt: keep channels open with those in power

Commentary: What really matters is filling a desperate need for leadership in Cairo.
egypt morsi army clash july 2013 8Enlarge
Following a day of massive rallies against the ousted Egyptian President and an early morning shooting of pro Mohamed Morsi supporters outside a Presidential Guard barracks, members of the Egyptian military and their supporters guard a bridge near Tahrir Square on July 8, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. (Spencer Platt/AFP/Getty Images)
Nothing like a good military take-over in one of the key Arab countries to bring out the best in the chattering classes. Analysts, and politicians, and columnists and their editorial boards, were on all sides of the issue: it was a coup, it wasn't a coup; the US interfered, the US didn't interfere enough.

Egypt: Will the Gulf's billions buy the economy more time?

CAIRO — A multibillion-dollar aid package from three of the Gulf’s wealthiest nations to Egypt has raised questions over whether the cash will give the country breathing space to carry out much-needed reforms, or simply provide an artificial cushion allowing the interim government to avoid contentious economic decisions.

Israel, worried about militant attacks, watches Egypt unrest closely

JERUSALEM — A tense Israel is closely observing the events roiling Egypt, its direct neighbor to the south.  

After Egypt army crackdown, is the Muslim Brotherhood fighting for survival?

CAIRO — Just days after the Egyptian army, backed by popular protests, ousted Brotherhood leader and former President Mohamed Morsi from power, the organization’s top echelons are facing an unprecedented wave of arrests. 

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood accuses military of 'massacre' after Morsi supporters shot dead (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Muslim Brotherhood calls for an "uprising" in Egypt after dozens of Mohamed Morsi supporters are shot dead and several hundred are injured. Could Egypt be the next Syria?

Egypt: El Baradei to head interim government? (UPDATES)

Mohamed El Baradei opposed the rule of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and had said this week that he was in favor of deposing him as he had failed in the country's transition to democracy.

Egypt: Mohammed Badie urges crowd to sacrifice ‘our souls and our blood’ for Morsi

“Curse everyone who wants to hurt the revolution and take it back to military rule,” Badie said.

Egypt: state of emergency in South Sinai and Suez, Gaza border closed

The Egyptian army also closed the Rafah crossing on the Gaza border until further notice.

Morsi's ouster in Egypt sends chill through political Islam

ISTANBUL, Turkey — The toppling of an elected Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, and a subsequent crackdown on its leaders and ranks by the armed forces, is sending a shiver through political Islamists across the region.

Full coverage: Egypt, state of emergency

As Egypt reels from crisis, the death toll just keeps rising.
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