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Egypt: Morsi sets vote on new constitution for Dec. 15

Pro-government demonstrators took to Cairo's streets in support of a new draft constitution.

Israel's worst nightmare

JERUSALEM — In many ways, Muhammad Morsi, the newly elected president of Egypt, is Israel's worst-case scenario. Morsi first entered Egypt's political fray as an opponent of the 1979 Camp David Accords, which ushered in an era in which Israel — shunned by every Arab nation since its inception — could finally dream of a regional peace.

Egypt tense ahead of election results

CAIRO — While the post-revolution political forces continue to draw battle lines in the fight for legitimacy, forging fitful alliances and trading public barbs over the vote, many Egyptians are now skeptical that it will be the ballot box that ultimately delivers their new leader.

Egypt election results will be announced tomorrow

Both candidates are claiming victory in the run-off by a narrow margin.

Egypt: The revolution continues

CAIRO — With no legislature, no constitution, and elections being held for a president with yet-to-be-defined powers, Egypt’s fate once again lies squarely in the hands of its military rulers. “[It's] are a reminder not that the revolution should continue,” one Egyptian activist said. “But that the revolution should begin.”

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood on cusp of upset victory

ISMAILIA, Egypt — The Muslim Brotherhood has reportedly scored a surprise victory in Egypt's presidential election. In preliminary results, its candidate, Mohamed Morsi appears poised to enter a second round of voting. While Morsi was largely written off prior to the election, the Muslim Brotherhood's powerful grassroots network boosted the standing of its decidedly uncharismatic candidate, who has vowed to impose Islamic law if elected.

Egypt holds first-ever presidential debate

CAIRO, Egypt — Egypt’s two leading presidential candidates faced off Thursday night in the country’s first televised debate, intensifying an already turbulent race for the nation’s top post. Abdel Meneim Aboul Fotouh, a moderate Islamist candidate, and Amr Moussa, a secular-liberal contender, traded barbs — sometimes heated — for four hours on the privately-owned ON TV television channel to a audience of millions across Egypt.

Egypt's transition is ending the way it began — in protest

CAIRO, Egypt — Renewed clashes between protesters and army soldiers at the defense ministry in Cairo on Friday deepened Egypt's political crisis just weeks ahead of the country's crucial presidential elections. While frustrations with the ruling military ran high among protesters, it also ran high among Cairo residents who said they saw little purpose for such sustained demonstrations.

Egypt's surprising front-runner

CAIRO, Egypt — With the backing of both liberals and conservative Salafist Muslims, an unlikely front-runner has emerged in Egypt's crucial presidential race.
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