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Egypt on edge: Clashes break out between police, protesters

CAIRO — 'We did not come to make trouble,' said Mohamed Fathy, as he used an empty tear gas canister to anchor a poster of Morsi to the ground. 'We came here to support our president. These thugs may not like it, but we are not going away.'

Muslim Brotherhood leaders to face trial for inciting murder; McCain, Graham visit Cairo

A trial date is announced for the leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and his deputy on charges of inciting murder amid intense efforts to try to resolve the country's political crisis.

Egypt: Dozens of pro-Morsi supporters dead after overnight clashes

Dozens of people have been killed in Cairo in overnight clashes between security forces and supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Mohamed ElBaradei becomes Egypt's interim vice president for foreign relations

Egyptian leader Mohamed ElBaradei was sworn in on Sunday as Egypt’s interim vice-president for foreign relations.

The Central Bank of Egypt is now accepting donations

Donors eager to see Egypt turn an economic corner after the ouster of Mohammed Morsi can now directly forward money into the country's national bank.

Egypt's stock market soars despite army ultimatum

Egypt's stock market surged on Tuesday, despite the ongoing political crisis which has seen President Mohamed Morsi rebuffed an ultimatum from the army to resolve the situation.

Mubarak retrial over protester deaths set for May 11

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will return to court May 11 for the resumption of his retrial.

Interfaith violence claims five lives in Egypt, several injured

Christians and Muslims clashed in the town of Khosous in Qalyubia province.

Mocking Morsi: How funny is too funny in Egypt?

CAIRO — Egyptians are no strangers to humor, but some say satirist Bassem Youssef went too far with his direct style of political commentary.

Amid security vacuum, Egyptians turn to vigilantism

AL GUINDEYA, Egypt — This tiny enclave in the Nile Delta north of Cairo — populated by just 20 families — made its name this month when residents mobbed a man they suspected of being a thief, tying him up, beating him to death, and leaving his body outside the local mosque for all to see.
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