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Egypt: higher Suez Canal tolls may decrease business

CAIRO — This would be a problem for Cairo, since international traffic in the canal generates about $5 billion a year for Egypt and boosts local employment.

Number of the Day: 83

83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women have experienced sexual harassment in Egypt.
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(Illustration by Kyle Kim/GlobalPost)

If we consult ancient numerology, we find that the number 83 represents possible troubles, worries and conflicts in life.

And unfortunately, our reasoning behind choosing 83 as the number of the day doesn't stray too far from this bleak description.

According to a 2008 study by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) — the only report of its kind — 83 percent of Egyptian women and 98 percent of foreign women have experienced sexual harassment in Egypt.


Egypt's ongoing revolution takes violent turn

CAIRO — Smoke billowed out from the fire raging at a nearby government building as live ammo ricocheted off the streets of Suez. Nine people were killed in this single night of fighting between protesters and police.

Egypt apartment collapse kills two dozen in Alexandria

At least 25 people are dead after an apartment collapsed in Alexandria, Egypt.

Egypt plays down Morsi comments on Jews

Egypt has played down anti-semitic remarks made three years ago by President Mohamed Morsi that caused controversy in Washington.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians pass new constitution

Egyptians appear to have approved the country's new draft constitution after a second round of voting that lasted late into Saturday night. Preliminary results released by the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party show that about 64 percent of voters backed the new constitution, reports the Wall Street Journal. 

Alexandria erupts in violent clashes ahead of Egypt constitution vote

Several people have been injured in clashes between opponents and supporters of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Egypt: Morsi sets vote on new constitution for Dec. 15

Pro-government demonstrators took to Cairo's streets in support of a new draft constitution.

Gaber Salah, known as "Jika," dead; Thousands rally at funeral for young Egyptian activist

Thousands of supporters rallied at the funeral of young activist Gaber Salah, known as "Jika," who died overnight after he was critically injured in a clash between protestors and police in Cairo last week.  AFP reports that mourners followed 16-year-old Salah's coffin as it was carried from Omar Makram mosque in Tahrir Square towards Mohammed Mahmud street, which has seen increasing violence over the past week.

Egypt's president Morsi gives himself broad powers in new decree

Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi issued a presidential decree Thursday banning any challenges to his decrees.
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