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The truce industry: A decade of shaky cease-fires between Israel and the Palestinians

The promise of a cease-fire was cold comfort to both parties, which have seen their fair share of truces torn up over the last decade.

Sinai: Militants step up attacks, Egyptian military steps up presence as security situation goes sour

Security in the Sinai went from bad to worse on Thursday as fresh attacks by militants targeted Egyptian soldiers for the third day in a row.

Egyptian soldiers: 16 killed at Gaza border crossing with Israel

16 Egyptian soliders were killed Sunday by masked gunmen at the Egypt-Gaza border crossing.

Hosni Mubarak through the ages (PHOTOS)

A look at the life of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The Supreme Council of Armed Forces: Egypt's new dictator?

CAIRO, Egypt — No mutinous troops stormed the presidential palace. Nor were there late-night executions of civilian politicians, or the dramatic seizure of the state-run broadcaster. But what has happened in Cairo over the last week is what many Egyptian observers are calling a military coup.

Egypt presidential hopeful campaign office torched, Tahrir erupts

Demonstrations erupted in Cairo's Tahrir square Monday night, while in the nearby neihborhood of Dokki, presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq's campaign headquarters was set ablaze.

Egypt announces list of presidential candidates

The document lists the names of 13 candidates out of an initial 23 who had applied to stand in the election, the first round of which is to be held on May 23-24.

Egypt terminates Israel gas supply deal

The energy supply agreement has been a key part of agreements struck between Israel and Egypt, which in 1979 became the first Middle Eastern country to sign a peace deal with the Jewish state.

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood names Khairat al-Shatir as presidential candidate

The Muslim Brotherhood's decision to field Khairat al-Shatir reverses a pledge made earlier by the group’s leaders not to contest the presidential election in May.

Deadly clashes in Egypt after football club banned

Hundreds of fans took to the streets of Port Said late Friday, besieging the Suez Canal Authority building and shutting down roads leading to the coastal Mediterranean city.
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