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Sinai Bedouin lift siege on peacekeepers' camp

The Bedouins had blockaded the Multinational Force and Observers mission to pressure the Egyptian government to release their brethren who they claim were unfairly convicted for bombing attacks on popular tourist spots in Taba in 2004, at Sharm Al Sheikh the following year, and Dahab in 2006.

Hong Kong dentist helping to uncover the mysteries of the Pyramids

A Hong Kong-based dentist by day and inventor by night, Ng Tz--chuen, will be part of a team studying the secrets still hidden in the narrow passageways of the Pyramids of Giza

Twin blasts hit Egypt gas pipeline

The attacks are blamed on Islamist militants taking advantage of a post-revolution security vacuum.

Spain orders extradition of Mubarak associate

Spain’s National Court has ordered the extradition to Egypt of businessman Hussein Salem, a close associate of ousted President Hosni Mubarak accused of corruption and fraud.

New Israeli ambassador to Egypt takes office, solidifying ties

Yaacov Amitai replaces Yitzhak Levanon, who was evacuated from Cairo in September along with the rest of the mission’s staff and their families after rioters stormed the Israeli embassy following the shooting of an Egyptian policeman on the Israel/Egypt border.

Muslim Brotherhood threatens Israel peace treaty

Relations between Egypt and the United States reached new lows this week as members of the Muslim Brotherhood threaten to review the country's peace treaty with Israel.

Egypt releases Australian journalist, US student and translator

The arrests are part of "a disturbing pattern of attacks and harassment of media" in Egypt, says the Committee to Protect Journalists

Egyptian protesters killed in unrest over deadly football riot

"We received two corpses of protesters shot dead by live ammunition," a Suez-based doctor says.

Spain: A bit of good economic news

Tourism revenues were up significantly in 2011
Mallorca beachesEnlarge
Germany may have a great economy but Spain has great beaches as this German tourist in Mallorca would probably be willing to admit. (JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images)

Despite the trouble and strife around the world last year Spain's tourism industry recorded very solid growth. In fact it is because of the trouble and strife that Spain's tourist numbers went up by 8.1 percent.

The political unrest across North Africa meant that European sun worshippers forsook Tunisian and Egyptian beaches for Spanish ones.

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