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Chaparrastique volcano in El Salvador erupts, prompts evacuations (VIDEO)

"We have implemented emergency measures to evacuate villages located within 3 kilometers of the volcano," Civil Defense Director Jorge Melendez said.

In El Salvador, feared gangsters take up baking and chicken farming

ILOPANGO, El Salvador — After years of this Central American country's iron-fist crackdowns on gangs, this town set up a bakery and a chicken farm. Last month, the town recorded zero murders. But will El Salvador's fragile gang truce, a model in a region wracked by violent crime, hold up?

El Salvador woman denied life-saving abortion (VIDEO)

Lawyers for the 22-year-old woman, being referred to as "Beatriz," had argued that continuing with the pregnancy would put her life at risk, as she is in fragile health and suffers from lupus and kidney failure.

El Salvador: ‘How long until the waves reach us?’

LA TIRANA, El Salvador — “Where would we go?” asks a baffled Nahun Diaz as we survey the dead mangrove trees jutting like giant skeletons from the windswept Pacific beach. Apparently triggered by climate change, the rising ocean has advanced nearly 1,000 feet since 2005, he and his neighbors say, destroying the mangrove forest where they eke out a precarious living collecting “punche,” a local crab species.

Can El Salvador’s gang truce hold? (PHOTOS)

SAN SALVADOR — One of six siblings whose single mother struggled to make ends meet, Carlos was recruited to the Mara Salvatrucha — one of two Central American gangs whose violent tentacles reach from Los Angeles to Lima — when he was just 12. Yet Carlos’ most dangerous challenge may have been his decision to leave gang life behind him, eventually joining Quetzalcoatl, a small nonprofit (named after a Mesoamerican deity) that works to save youngsters from El Salvador’s rampant, senseless violence.

El Salvador marks its first murder-free day in three years

El Salvador marked its first murder-free day in three years on Saturday, the only one recorded since the country's leftist leader took office in June 2009.

Peace Corps scales back its efforts in Central America

Due to increased drug-related violence, the Peace Corps will withdraw its volunteers in Honduras and scale back its efforts in Guatemala and El Salvador.
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