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In Asia, anger over 'freedom of speech' defense for anti-Muslim filmmaker

BANGKOK — Gathered by the hundreds in a monsoon downpour, Muslims outside the US Embassy in Bangkok shouted down America and called for retribution against the makers of the low-budget, Prophet Mohammed-mocking video “Innocence of Muslims.”

Campaign 2012: Foreign policy finally front and center

As Mideast protests simmer, the election could turn on how the candidates handle a messy crisis.
Kashmir protester 2012 09 18Enlarge
A Kashmiri protester leaps above a burning tire on Sept. 18. He's among a group of angry demonstrators who clashed with Indian police over an anti-Islam film made in the US. (Rouf Bhat/AFP/Getty Images)
Just a few short months ago, foreign policy junkies were ruing the almost complete absence of an international focus in the presidential campaign. With a domestic economy in ruins and an electorate afraid for their jobs, their homes, and their health care, there seemed to be little energy left to ponder problems in distant lands. No more.

Anti-US protests spread to India

NEW DELHI – Dozens of anti-US protests shook Indian-administered Kashmir Friday, as thousands took to the streets to express their anger – marking what could be the largest demonstrations in Asia following the recent attack on the Libyan consulate. But does it matter?

Muslims clash with police in Europe as governments mull limits of free speech

BRUSSELS — Despite  support for the United States, there is concern in Europe that the scale of anti-American feeling unleashed by the low-budget video represents Obama's failure to reach out to the Muslim world, and that his re-election prospects may be jeopardized.

Anti-US protests and Arab public opinion: Q&A

Public opinion expert Dina Smeltz discusses the roots of recent anti-US protests, the role of religion, and how much the rapid spread of anger represents a singular trend.

Germany bans US pastor Terry Jones

Germany's Foreign Minister reportedly requested the ban on the grounds that Jones is a "hate preacher."

Kabul: Violent protestors attack US base with stones and burn police cars

"The air was thick with smoke on Jalalabad road — a main thoroughfare into the city center where the crowd burned shipping containers and tires."

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah calls for more Muslim protests over anti-Islamic film

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, the Shia Muslim militant group, has called for fresh protests in Lebanon over a film deemed anti-Islamic.

Calm returns to Cairo: Now what?

CAIRO, Egypt — An uneasy calm hung over the area surrounding the US Embassy in Cairo on Sunday, after four days of clashes sparked by demonstrators protesting an anti-Islamic internet video produced in California – and that engulfed nearly the entire region – finally came to a halt. Local shops re-opened, traffic flowed through a nearby square, and workers, guarded by fresh barbed wire erected to protect the embassy grounds, painted over the anti-American graffiti tagged on the building’s walls. 
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