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Obama, Hillary Clinton to attend ceremony honoring Libya dead (LIVE VIDEO)

US president Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are presiding over a transfer of remains ceremony at Andrew Air Force base in Virginia, the White House stated today.

Tunisia: Anti-Western protests escalate; at least 3 reported dead (VIDEO) (UPDATES)

Tunisia's protests against a US-made anti-Muslim film have escalated, as protests in Yemen, Libya, Sudan and other countries grew to take on a broader anti-Western tone.

Focus of anti-US protests in the Middle East evolves

AMMAN, Jordan — As the demonstrations widened to about 20 countries on Friday, the aims and grievances of the protesters became significantly less clear. While the video, a roughshod production that depicts the Muslim Prophet Muhammad as a violent and barbaric philanderer, was a trigger for the violence, longstanding grievances against US influence in the region and deep, unaddressed socioeconomic problems appeared be feeding the unrest.

Protesters take to the streets in Amman, Jordan

GlobalPost Senior Correspondent Erin Cunningham is in the mix in Amman, Jordan. She is live Tweeting the protest as it unfolds.

Protests against US spread (LIVE BLOG)

Follow this live blog for the latest developments in anti-US demonstrations and protests spreading Friday throughout the Middle East, Asia and beyond.

US agencies did not issue high alert prior to Middle East protests

US authorities believe protests that erupted on Tuesday in Egypt, along with the attacks that lead to the death of Christopher Stevens and three other Americans, were triggered by an Arabic talk-show broadcast three days earlier. At the time, no warning was issued on the possibility of violence.

Anti-American protests grip Middle East and beyond

Major demonstrations over a US-made anti-Islam video have spread today throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.
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