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US Embassy in Cairo Twitter feed gets feisty

Amid spreading protests in the Middle East and North Africa against an anti-Islam film and the killing of a US ambassador and three other Americans in Libya, the US Embassy in Cairo's Twitter feed has found itself in the spotlight for its assertive and at times even aggressive tweets.

What's behind anti-US protests in Yemen?

One analyst says: "Until the administration reevaluates it's policy of targeted assassinations in Yemen, the frustration will only intensify."

Libya arrests 4 suspects in US consulate attacks in Benghazi

Four people have reportedly been arrested in connection with the attacks in Benghazi.

Clinton: anti-Islam video is 'disgusting’ but does not justify violence

US government distances itself from offending anti-Islam film as protests spread.

Violent protests erupt at US embassies in Egypt, Yemen, Iran

Protests sparked by an anti-Islam film continued in Egypt, and spread to Yemen and Iraq, claiming lives.

Obama: Cairo may not be an 'ally' but Egypt is no 'enemy' (VIDEO)

US President undecided about Egypt's new leadership, but warns US keeping close watch on Cairo's response to anti-US attacks in Libya and protests at the US embassy in the Egyptian capital.

(VIDEO) Benghazi and Cairo Decoded: What does the violence in the Middle East mean?

What does this sudden outburst of violence mean for both the people of the Middle East and their relationship to the US?

Embassy attacks decoded

BOSTON, Mass. — GlobalPost Middle East editor Peter Gelling discusses the protests in Cairo and Libya that erupted in reaction to an anti-Islam film, and the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi that led to the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others.

Remembering Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens

JERUSALEM — In all the photographs that materialized today, which transformed the deeply private Chris Stevens into a public figure, his reserve and his intense presence are wholly perceptible, that rock solid part of him completely immutable. Not a man given to flights of revelation, Chris's face nevertheless always revealed his true self — decent, sincere, guarded.
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